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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still feel you have nothing to wear.

The most common reasons are:-

  • It was a bargain so you had to have it (not a good idea).
  • The sales assistant told you it suited you, you knew it didn’t, but you still bought it.
  • It was expensive so you couldn’t throw it away.
  • It doesn’t go with anything.
  • It needs repairing or dry cleaning.
  • Maybe you bought it thinking you would lose weight?

You will be amazed at how many outfits can be made with your existing clothes.



  • With a professionally organised and co-ordinated wardrobe you will make the most of what you have.
  • A wardrobe that is perfectly organised and matches your lifestyle
  • Advice on clothing care and storage
  • A plan for future purchases
  • Double the wearing of existing clothes
  • An injection of style
  • Tip sheets to takeaway


  • An informal chat to find out where you are struggling?
  • What is your lifestyle and personality?
  • Work through your wardrobe, piece by piece, asking

“When did you last wear it”?
“Why don’t you wear it?
“Why is this your favourite piece?

COST: £50 per hour

Please feel free to give me a call for a no obligation chat; I look forward to helping you on your journey of discovery.