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I had a colour and image appointment with Sarah. It was a really useful and fun session and also very informative. Sarah really made an effort to get to know me and understand what I wanted so her advice on style and colour was tailored to me and my personality rather than being general.

I came away with a much clearer understanding of what suited me and why and it has given me confidence to express myself more through what I wear and be bolder. I don’t normally enjoy shopping but I’m enjoying it much more now that I have focus.
I would definitely recommend doing this session, it is an eye opener.


At last I have found someone who can really help me choose what clothes suit me the best!

Sarah very quickly understands what I am looking for and is totally honest with her views. Her suggestions and visions have saved me hours of anguish and in many cases stopped me from wasting money. She also has great advice on hair styling/colouring etc, and make-up, in fact, my ideal perfect shopper.

I wish I had met Sarah years ago! I have no reservations in recommending Sarah.


I first met Sarah 3 years ago when I was looking for a Christmas party outfit. Fighting my natural inclination to pick out and try on the kind of clothes I would normally choose for myself, Sarah put together a few possible outfits for me to try on. What followed was by far the most enjoyable and fun clothes shopping experience I can remember.

Needless to say I have shopped with Sarah on a number of subsequent occasions each of which have been equally fun and satisfying.

Sarah has a great eye. A great sense of style. A real talent for putting together a look, an outfit, or for that matter, a whole new wardrobe in a stylish way. She operates beyond one’s comfort zone in a really refreshing way. Sarah has a way of figuring out what you or the occasion is all about, making you feel really special and then layering on all the right bits!


I have made so many mistakes when buying clothes in the past, that I wanted to stop randomly buying things when I was out panic shopping and to approach my wardrobe and” look” as a whole. Sarah came to visit me at home and looked through the contents of my wardrobe.
We de-junked it which made me feel better and then planned what I needed/wanted. She then went to scout the shops and then we got to the fun bit and shopped together. I often felt overwhelmed when going shopping, then got fed up and bought the wrong clothes. Sarah helped me choose clothes that suited my shape and life style. Sarah put me completely at ease-she encouraged me to try on clothes that I would never choose, but had to admit they looked good.
She never put me under any pressure and I can honestly say, having never really enjoyed shopping before, that I am now building a wardrobe of clothes that I love and have thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Once taken under Sarah’s wing, she phones through with snippets of good news, like “must have “items and where to find them. Sarah is fun to spend time with, a warm person and good humoured too. She is a natural in this role. Can’t wait to go shopping with Sarah for my spring collection.


I first met Sarah 4 years ago when I was hunting for an outfit for my goddaughter’s wedding. Sarah was very helpful and encouraging about what sort of shape and colours would suit me.
She came to my house to de-clutter my wardrobe, which was a great experience and she was considerate about many items that had sentimental value to me. She packed them neatly in boxes and put them in the top of my wardrobe. I have been on several shopping trips and Sarah has been very patient with me, gently changing my style and colour preference and I am frequently complimented on the combination of garments I am wearing.
Sarah has an amazing ability to find sets of clothes which will mix and match and go together from a variety of shops. I feel more confident and happier that I am “looking good”


I asked Sarah to help me get my wardrobe back into shape after neglecting this area for too long. After a review of my current clothes she had a good understanding of my likes and dislikes, but also of what was missing. After some pre-shopping by just Sarah to check out the latest stock, she took me on a four hour shopping spree to Bluewater.
It was very impressive to see how effortless she matched the right colours and shapes with me and also how quickly she picked up both my work and leisure style. I came home with bags of flattering and uplifting clothes and shoes and hadn’t felt so good about myself for a long time. I would strongly recommend engaging with Sarah if you are bored with your look.
Apart from being an expert in her field, she is also a genuine, very nice person to spend the afternoon with. I cannot recommend her enough.





I have a very eclectic mix of clothes. I like to think I can wear all sorts of styles, some are expensive some horribly cheap, and they have never been well stored. Sarah got everything out and got me to try them on.

She was methodical and decisive about what looked good and what did not and told me why. She let me keep items that had big sentimental value and would store else where.

I had confidence in Sarah and she has a really good eye and she obviously really enjoys making an outfit come together. She made correct observations about my shape that I had not thought about before, which was really helpful. Sarah got me to throw away a lot of clothes that I actually knew didn’t look good, but have been hanging onto, whether it was because they were too big ,too worn looking, or just out of date.

Items like skirts my husband had bought me that I knew were too short, but kept as I was touched at the gesture of his gift. Sarah gave me permission that I so desperately needed to put them aside.

Being given permission by a neutral person to move on and have a fresh start is wonderfully liberating. It’s fascinating how many memories, feelings and a good amount of guilt are tied up in a wardrobe of clothes. Sarah fished around in the back of my wardrobe and found things that I didn’t know I had.

Once cleared out we discussed what I needed and where to look for it. Sarah talked about storing clothes properly and good coat hangers, which I now have and are great. She has great advice to pass on.

Sarah was interested in my life style, I am not someone that wants to be dressed up to the nines all day. I needed clothes that were practical and easy to put on. She recognised this fact and was happy to accommodate that, but also encouraged me to make an effort with accessories.

Over the last few years I have come to hate clothes shopping as I kept making poor choices. Sarah has convinced me that it can be fun and I can’t wait to go shopping again.

So get Sarah to come and sort you out and for a shop. You wont regret it!


Sarah has a quiet ,knowledgable and personal way of working. I have saved time ,money and wardrobe space by having a couple of sessions with her. Sarah took me through make-up, colour and body shape, showing me what personally suits me and why. I now shop more quickly, use the swatch to confidently choose shades and tones and save money over time as i don’t make mistakes. i recommend Sarah to help you feel more confident about your appearance , get ready for a special accasion or make changes to your image .