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Q. Will I have to take my clothes off for a consultation?
A. No, your style or colour analysis is conducted fully clothed.

Q. Will you make me throw any sentimental clothes away?
A. No, we will find a place to store them as I know how important these items can be.

Q. Will I like all my colours?
A. You will always be drawn to your favourite colours but you will be surprised to find that you will like so many more, because they will be the correct tones for you. The impact is AMAZING.

Q. Will I have to change my whole wardrobe?
A. Not at all. I will show you how to adapt your existing items with accessories. Then when you have to replace them you will have all the knowledge you need in terms of colours and shape.

Q. Do you specialise in bra shopping?
A . Yes, it’s one of the most important items especially if you are larger busted. It can totally transform an outfit.

Q. Will you be there to support me after I have had a session with you?
A. Yes, I always keep in touch with my clients, and pass on any tips that I think are relevant to you. You can always call me for advice.

Q. How do you find my wardrobe personality?
A. I give you a questionnaire, and then show you mood boards.

Q. How will shopping become easier?
A. When you go into a shop you will find it easier to scan over the styles and colours that suit you.

Q. Where can I find basic tops which have my colours and style?
A. There is an on-line company www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk and they have all the colours you need and great quality.


Please feel free to give me a call for a no obligation chat; I look forward to helping you on your journey of discovery.