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Parties are a great way to spend time with good friends and have fun. I am happy to create a tailor-made party to suit your requirements.


  • You will find out if you have warm or cool colouring, then comes the fun with the make-up.
  • The make-up I use is related to your individual colouring, therefore it will enhance your eyes and skin tone.
  • I will demonstrate on the hostess and talk about the benefits of make-up and then you will practise on yourself or each other.
  • At the end of the party you will take away TIP sheets with all the information that you have just learnt. There will also be a shade card for you to take home with all the make-up colours used.
  • I promise you will have fun!

N.B. The make-up I use is hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals. The make-up is available
to order.
The session is for 4.
DURATION: 2.5 hours
COST: £40 per person


  • I will look at your individual body shapes, face shapes, scale and proportions. You will learn to select the right garments for your individual body shape.
  • We will look at different stores and what they have to offer you.
  • You will be required to bring along 2 items of clothing, 1 you love, and 1 you don’t like, this will enable you to understand why they work or don’t work for you.
  • At the end of the session you will take away individual tip sheets with details of your body shape and what suits you.


The session is for 4
DURATION: 3 hours
COST: £50 per person


Why not treat your daughter and her friends to a birthday experience?


  • This is a great way of teaching children how use make-up to highlight their natural features.
  • Learn how to use make up to suit your complexion and how to care for your skin.
  • N.B. The make-up I use is hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals.
  • I can also do style, hair and colour parties, please contact me for further details.
  • These parties can be customised.

The session is for between 4-8
DURATION: 2-4 hours depending on numbers

Please feel free to give me a call for a no obligation chat; I look forward to helping you on your journey of discovery.